Financial Aid and Fee Policy

At Taqwa Academy we believe in making quality education accessible to all individuals. Our Financial Aid and Fee Policy reflects our commitment to supporting students in their pursuit of academic excellence.

1.0 Discounts for Students in Higher Education:

We understand the financial burdens that come with pursuing higher education. Therefore, students enrolled in  college and university are eligible for discount on tuition fees. This discount is applicable to certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate programs, acknowledging the dedication and commitment of students to their academic journey. To receive this discount simply:

  • Be enrolled in an applicable program;
  • Send an email to [email protected] subject line: “Higher Education Tuition”; and
  • Include your name, program, institution, and expected year of graduation. 
  • The courses you would like to enroll for. 


University Pricing (2024-2025)

Monthly pricing

2.0 Discounts for Family Packages:

Families looking to enroll multiple immediate family members* to programs can benefit from our Family Package discounts. This initiative aims to support families in their educational endeavors and promote a conducive learning environment. Families looking to enroll more than two members into programs should contact [email protected] for specialized pricing.

Families of two enrolled simultaneously will receive an automatic reduction by enrolling through the correct page: Click Here.

*Applicable only to immediate family members (parents, siblings, spouse, and children) in one physical household.

3.0 Additional Financial Aid for Those Facing Financial Hardship:

We recognize that some individuals, from all walks of life, may face financial constraints that hinder their ability to afford tuition fees. In such cases, Taqwa Academy offers further fee reduction to whatever degree is required by the prospective student. This includes up until 100% subsidized tuition for prospective students who do not have the financial ability to afford tuition. Prospective students are not required to demonstrate this need, but rather may simply reach out and request aid at [email protected].

We are committed to ensuring prospective students feel welcome despite any such financial hardships and welcome them to contact Ustadh Danyal directly at (905) 872-6237 on WhatsApp if they feel more comfortable doing so. Our doors are open and so long as an individual is serious, we will accommodate by any means necessary. We cannot overstate enough the fact that there is absolutely no judgement with regards to legitimate usage of this clause and rather, hope that to whom this applies leverage it and benefit, whether they be students, working professionals, or simply facing hard times.

3.1 Performance Requirements for Additional Financial Aid

Students availing themselves of additional financial assistance are expected to fulfill certain performance criteria to maintain eligibility. This entails:

  • 100% attendance (within reason) and active participation in live classes;
  • Being on camera on during virtual sessions to facilitate engagement and interaction (optional for sisters); and
  • Demonstrating academic progress by completing and passing all assessments and examinations. 

Failure to meet these performance requirements may result in the forfeiture of additional discounts and removal from the program.

4.0 Free Tuition for Converts:

  At Taqwa Academy, all converts study free of cost. Please contact [email protected] for access to programs.

May Allah overlook our shortcomings, accept our good deeds, and bless us all in our provisions, both material and immaterial.

Ustadh Hassan Syed
Last revised: 26/4/2024