Embark on a transformative journey through our Quran Reciting Mastery Program, designed to nurture a profound connection with the Holy Quran and refine your recitation skills. With a focus on traditional teachings and personalized guidance, our three-level course offers a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental aspects of Quranic recitation.

  • Authentic teachings from qualified instructors with ijńĀzah-based credentials.
  • Flexible one-on-one sessions tailored to individual learning needs.
  • Gradual progression through three well-structured levels of mastery.
  • In-depth exploration of theoretical foundations, preserving the essence of traditional Quranic sciences.
  • Practical application and real-world teaching experience for advanced levels.
  • Opportunities for paid teaching positions upon completion of the IjńĀzah at-Tadrńęs level.
  • A certificate of completion for each level, recognizing your dedication and achievement.

Join us on this enlightening journey, and let the Quran Reciting Mastery Program be your guide to a profound and enriching relationship with the divine words of the Holy Quran.


 Tier 1 - Preparation for Shahada Certification

  • Interested in attaining Shahada Certification through the institute in perfecting their recital in both theory and application
    • be able to recite with Tajweed, thorough understanding of the theory ((Makharij (pronunciation), Ahkam (Rules), Sifaat (Characteristics), Waqf (Stopping)), eligible for exam

Tier 2 - Ijazah

  • Student is eligible for Ijazah exam with approval from their teacher
    • teach students (paid position)
    • learn in depth theory of Tajweed
    • learn basic rules for leading prayer
    • learn brief history of conservation of the Quran ( compilation and preservation)
    • brief history of Hafs ‚Äėan Asim and Qira`ah

Tier 3 - Qira`at Mastery

  • Post-Graduate Level Mastery of Qira`ah - ABC Students only
    • Teaching Sughrah and Kubrah
    • Differences in Usul and Furush
    • Qira`at vs. Maqamat
    • In-depth analysis of Qira`at: compilation, preservation and controversies of Ahruf


Scheduling will be based on timings agreed upon by both teachers and students.


Ustadh Hassan Syed
Ustadh Mohammad Ahmed
Ustadh Danyal Khan
Ustadh Aleem Ally
Ustadh Aaquib Sheikh
Ustadh Asad Ali
Ustadh Faiyaz Munif Zaman
Ustadh Umair Irfan
Ustadh Uzair Taqi

Ustadha Hareem Sami
Ustadha Beena Syed
Ustadha Neena Raj


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